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Models of the Mind 1

The first lecture looks at the broad concept of ‘models’ and how this is a natural way in which the mind operates.

See how the ‘models’ we subscribe to, consciously or not, determine how we perceive the world and respond to it.

Models of the Mind 1 presents a model of the human mind that is often referred to during later courses given by the School.

This postulates four 'components' of the Mind (Discursive mind, Intellect, Heart and Ego).

This first course penetrates in detail the concepts of Manas, the discursive mind and Buddhi, the intellect.

It gives some notion of the range and power of Manas, but at the same time showing that it must remain subservient to the mysterious, intuitive Buddhi. This is very useful background for much of the subsequent school teaching.

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