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School of practical Philosophy
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The Spiritual or Course Route Map

You may join the School just to try out a couple of courses, or you may be in it for the long haul. It is entirely up to you.

If you are serious about it and think that you might find a spiritual home here, this is what your route map may look like:

Introductory Level

  • Introduction to Philosophy – a 10 week course, centred on the topic of Wisdom. This suggests that there is such a thing as self-realisation (Liberation) and that you can move in that direction.

Once you have completed the Introductory course, you are encouraged to enter the Foundation Level.

Foundation Level (F-level)

As the name implies, this level sets up the foundations for further spiritual growth. It explores the fundamental topics such as Wisdom, Happiness, Love, Presence of Mind, Freedom and the three categories of human being that give rise to the three traditional paths to Liberation. Your understanding of these fundamental topics can undergo considerable transformation. Your practice of meditation is also consolidated during this period. This all takes about three years.

You begin to understand and enjoy the benefits of the basic operating unit within the School. This is the group that you are in. This is an extraordinary collection of people with ideals and values similar to your own, similarly seeking, discovering, supporting and putting into practice. Substantial friendships may be formed.

Measure Level (M-level, sometimes referred to as middle school)

Perhaps the main feature of this level is the concept of ‘Measure’, finding the right measure of things, such as the balance between mundane and spiritual living, living in accord with Natural Law.

This application of principle to the practical world enables you to live more creatively and happily.

The material touches on topics such as economics, cycles of creation, reincarnation, power of language and the popular notion of ‘karma’. This is all covered in about two years.

Intermediate Level (I-level)

This takes about two years and culminates in an understanding of Advaita, the principle of non-duality, that underlies the School’s teachings. This grasp of Advaita can be more than just intellectual, it can be practical and emotional as well. There is also a short introduction to the Sanskrit language. Related to this, is an introduction to the powerful exercise of ‘Reflection’ as practised in the School. This has the capacity to highlight your false assumptions, illusions and, generally, any impediments on the path to liberation. It can also give you glimpses of a reality that seems transcendent.

Sadhana Level (S-level)

What is left? Only for your spiritual transformation to mature and become resilient and, perhaps, to be passed on. Sadhana has no exact English equivalent and is usually translated as ‘self-effort’ and ‘spiritual discipline’. The Sanskrit root ‘sadh’ means ‘to go straight for the goal’. The goal is Liberation. There is no time-period. You can do it for as long as you enjoy it.

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