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History of the School

The school started as the School of Economic Science in London in 1936. 

A group of people came together to consider the laws of economics which govern the relations between people in society, in the hope that a greater understanding would help eliminate some of the social ills which were prevailing at the time. 

In particular, the world was still feeling the effects of the collapse of the financial markets, the great depression and widespread poverty.

It was in this environment that the School of Economic Science came into being. Employing the Socratic method, it sought to grow in understanding, pursuing its studies of economics, as indeed it does to this day.

There came a time, however, early in the 1950's, when it became clear that a deeper understanding of the relations in society could only come about through the study of Philosophy with its deep consideration of the fundamental nature of humanity.

Since then, courses in both philosophy and economics have continued. 

The School has grown and flourished with groups meeting all over Britain and associated schools to be found in Holland, Ireland, USA, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

Leon MacLaren
Leon MacLaren
Founder of the School
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