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School of practical Philosophy
CApe Town

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Practical Philosophy Foundation Courses

Starting Out

After you have completed the Practical Philosophy Course (Part 1) you are invited to continue your philosophical journey by becoming a member of the Philosophy School, progressing with the following Foundation Courses, outlined below.

These are each 9 weeks and cover a range of subjects useful to philosophical development. We strongly recommend following the assigned order of courses, as the material continues to build on past teachings.

Part 2: Happiness

Explore the nature of happiness in a practical way, both as an individual and how it connects with other people, our relationship with them and with the wider community. We explore how happiness lies hidden in the unadorned present moment. Do we simply need to get in tune with our own nature, independently of what outer circumstances may be showing, to be happy?

Part 3: Love

Discover the transformative effects of love on yourself and others. This course focuses on the forms, expression and constancy of love. Learn how to connect with love in daily life by being willing rather than willful and by remembering that it is the natural ‘in-between’ - the motive force behind all processes in the world. Allow love to expand its sphere of influence without seeking to control.

Part 4: Presence of Mind

Greater presence of mind leads to greater self-awareness, insight and foresight. This course is designed to help you to live in the present and learn about the universal powers available for use when one has presence of mind:

  •     The Power of Thought – the importance of nourishing the mind and how that may be done
  •     The Power of Decision – how to make effective decisions. Key decisions that need to be made
  •     The Power of Love – to transcend limits and overcome divisions. On the other hand, the destructive power of criticism
  •     The Power of Will – the power of ‘I’ associated with desire. A practical approach to action

Part 5: Philosophy and Freedom

Universally, we all have a desire to be free, but do we know what this means? Freedom depends on our use of Reason, so we look at some models of the mind and learn the guiding principles for reason. This course examines some of the realms of Freedom and the obstacles that arise against that freedom. We also explore freedom of speech, as well as natural and eternal laws.

Part 6: The Way of Action

There are three traditional Paths to Liberation: Knowledge, Service and Love (Devotion), corresponding to three types of people. This course delves into the power of service and some practical exercises, focusing on how the most potent action arises from the greatest stillness.

We also study the three parts of an Action:

  1. Creative – the importance of the impulse and intention
  2. Sustaining - the greatest power of action comes from Love. Failing this one can resort to discipline & duty, which can grow into Love
  3. Dissolving – the need for patience to avoid the sting in the tail. No claim on the action leaves no residue

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