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Foundation Courses

The Foundation Courses are each 5 weeks in extent and cover a range of subjects useful to philosophical development. These allow the members to explore more deeply aspects of themselves and the world around them.

Although there is freedom to choose your own path through these courses, members are generally encouraged to move between courses as a group with a recommended path provided for both practical and developmental reasons.

Starting Out

It is strongly recommended to complete the Practical Philosophy Course before embarking on further Foundation Courses.

Foundation Course Structure

There are eight foundation course cycles during the course of the year and several of the Foundation Courses are offered in every cycle, depending on how many members are currently participating  and which courses they have already completed. A newsletter goes out shortly before each cycle setting out which courses will be offered that cycle. Although groups do tend to stick together, there is the opportunity, over time, of experiencing several different tutors and meeting a lot of new friends. It is not unusual for members to repeat courses, as they often find that they get more out of it the second time round.


Meditation is seen as the master key for those seeking Liberation and also to a full and productive life. The school offers a simple, yet profound, mantra based meditation. This is generally offered to members after they have completed 6-7 of the Foundation Courses. The Meditation Course is run when there are enough members expressing an interest. In practice, this happens about twice a year.  Care is taken with meditation to prepare members adequately and to assist them in establishing a steady practice.

Middle School

After members have completed about 12-15 of the Foundation Courses they are offered the opportunity of moving to the second phase of development called Middle School. This involves forming, if there are enough interested,  a more stable group which operates on a 10-week cycle and systematically explores a further range of material over time. In this phase, the emphasis is less on acquisition of knowledge, and more on development of being.

Other Courses

In addition to these courses, a number of other groups and activities are on offer (most of which are free of charge and open to the public) such as Friday videos from time-to-time and Saturday morning study groups.

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