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A Starter Course in Practical Philosophy

Session 1

  • Intro to Philosophy. 
  • What is wisdom? 
  • What is knowledge? 
  • Living a simple and natural life. 
  • Introduction to the "exercise" - a practical exercise for stilling the mind.

Session 2

  • Know Thyself.
  • Meaning of self-knowledge. 
  • Throughout all the change – what remains constant? 
  • Simple observation opens the door to deeper knowledge.

Session 3

  • Levels of awareness. 
    • Deep Sleep. 
    • Dream. 
    • Waking sleep. 
    • Fully awake. 
    • Higher consciousness. 
  • Introduction to Socrates / Plato. 
  • Habits. 

Session 4

  • Need / Opportunity and Stillness. 
  • Inner Resources which allow for the full potential to manifest. 
  • Plato's 'When anger and fear' quotation. Injustice. 
  • Fear and overcoming it.

Session 5

  • Levels of Reason 
    • Individual
    • Family
    • Society or nation
    • Humanity
    • Universe

Cost: R410 for the full 5-week course, including refreshments.

Course format: Sessions are once a week (either mornings or evenings), and last for approximately 2.5 hours. Students follow a set curriculum but there is ample time for questions and lively discussion. 

All students are strongly recommended to complete the Starter Course before following on with the rest of the Foundation Courses.

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