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School of practical Philosophy
CApe Town

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Secrets of Completion

The secrets of bringing an action to full completion. There are 3 great powers for sustaining an action:

  1. Discipline – learn that this is not imposed by some outside agency but emerges from the action itself. Discover that it really means freedom of movement. Discipline is complementary to Love.
  2. Love – the greatest sustaining power. How important to find this love and protect it! Love is stronger than death itself – lessons from a concentration camp.
  3. Duty – provides the framework for action and is strengthening and liberating. Need to connect the Duty to the Love. Your greatest duty is to yourself – what does this mean?

Learn to have trust in the Universe’s ‘just-in-time’ delivery system at every step of the action. Learn the ‘Rule of the Last Inch’ – the full completion of the action and full satisfaction depend on patience. Allow the action to be dissolved into stillness and leave no residue; this means surrendering any claims of pride or self-criticism. But the means must be the same as the end – or else the action is divided and cannot complete.

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